Montalegre is an unspoilt area; it has paradisiacal nature, pure air and a mild climate. Definitely worth a visit for those looking for the outdoor-life, hospitality and a healthy holiday. Take a walk in Peneda-Gerês National Park, enjoy the sunshine and the clear swimming-water, and discover the monuments, sanctuaries and traditions in an untouched area.

And be pleasantly surprised by the many festivities. Donít forget to visit the 13th century castle. One of the towers houses the anthropology-museum, which is definitely worth a visit. Many native Montalegrians like to spend some time there during the summer-months. This makes for a pleasant commotion in which, as a tourist, you will also feel welcome.

During the day the city sleeps in the hot sun, but in the evenings there is plenty happening. People come from near and far to enjoy the attractive outdoor terraces, the pubs, restaurants and discos. You will certainly make a few new friends in Montalegre, and will look back on Your visit with fond memories.


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