Any food lover should definitely try the Barroso smoked meat. This hand-prepared meat is smoked according to ancient regional customs. Nowadays-big portions are carefully marinated and flavoured with spices in a month long process. The result is an outstanding quality of meat.

There is an annual smoked-meat market, which attracts visitors from far around, even neighbouring Spain. Here the famous smoked hams and sausages are sampled and sold. The meat is from the Barroso, an ox with big horns. Barroso meat has been accredited the European warranty of quality.

Donít miss out on the chance to taste the regional specials. Have a taste of the mountain goats and the trout from the crystal-clear waters of the Cávado river: the surprising smoked ham stuffing makes them a unique culinary experience.

Smoked meat
Barrosã veal
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